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After more than 40 years of active exploration, earnest reform and constant innovation, the School of Foreign Languages of China University of Geosciences(CUG) at Wuhan has undergone tremendous changes in terms of the scale and conditions of schooling as well as the strength of school management. Greatly inspired by ouruniversity’smotto of“working hard with plain living style, seeking truth with pragmatic attitude”, our school always champions the value of“seeking the harmonious development of mankind and nature”, andadheres to the scientific school management concept of “taking academic strength as its core and distinctive talent cultivation model as its feature; boosting its competitiveness by talent cultivation; injecting dynamism through open exchanges and cultural development”, thereby realizing leapfrog development. Fruitful results have been yielded in various aspects, including discipline construction, personnel training, teaching and research, faculty team building, exchanges and cooperation, as well as cultural inheritance.

The School of Foreign Languages has oneundergraduate major: English; onedual-degree major: English + Business Administration; twoMaster Degree programs: First-Level Discipline Master Degree program inForeignLanguages and Literature, and Master Degree program in MTI; fourdepartments: English Department, Second Foreign Language Department, College English Department, and Graduate Education Center; oneresearch institute: Research Institute for Foreign Languages and Cultures; oneministerial-level platform: Ministry of Education Training and Research Center for Overseas Study; twoCenters: Higher Education English Language Learning Demonstration Center of Hubei Province, and Turkmenistan Research Center; andthreetest sites for IELTS, Shanghai Foreign Language InterpretationCertified Test, and English Test for International Communication.

Our school currently has a total of 103 faculty members, of whom 88 are full-time teachers and researchers,14 are professors, 29 are associate professors and 6 are foreign teachers. It also has an enrollment of about 368 undergraduate students, 154 postgraduate students, and 9 overseas students.



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